Center for Dutch Reformation Studies (CDRS), International Study Meeting on ‘Slavery in (Church) Historical Perspective’

The Center for Dutch Reformation Studies (CDRS) is organizing an International Study Meeting on the topic:

Slavery in (Church)Historical Perspective:

Exegesis | Responsibility | Spirituality

Three speakers will present their research on slavery from a theological (Dr. Kyle Dieleman), a historical (Dr. Dienke Hondius) and an anthropological (Prof. Dr. Rose Mary Allen) perspective.


Theological University Kampen | Utrecht, Plompetorengracht 3, 3512 CA Utrecht. There will also be a livestream; the link will be mailed upon registration.

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023, 13.00 – 17.00 (GMT +1).

Participation is free.

Registration is mandatory via the form below:

Flyer:   CDRS_Flyer_International_Study_Meeting_Slavery.323

Program and abstracts:  CDRS_Program_International_Study_Meeting.323


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